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Accommodation and catering facility Ivonis, Ltd. is located in the village Chmeľová in the Bardejov district of Eastern Slovakia. The facility is located in the Low Beskydy environment on the main road to the border with Poland - Becherov


Beautiful countryside, where our facility is located, offers a wide range of recreation opportunities, knowledge, leisure, tourism and in winter - excellent skiing conditions, which will certainly satisfy all guests. Wide range of indoor and outdoor activities are also ideal for families with children. 

The hostel is category - hostel with two stars.



 IVONIS Ltd., Chmelova offers:

  • Accommodation near the Regetovka a Stebnicka huta ski centers
  • Meals for guests and tourists
  • Childrens' nature stays
  • Recreational stays
  • School trips
  • Hosting of seminars and workshops
  • Family celebrations
  • Ski education in nearby ski centers (Regetovka, Stebnicka Huta, Nizna Polianka-Makovica)
    -Transpotation can be provided by local public transportation or by ordering a private bus for a fee of 34 € per day



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